Workshops will be held on 14th March 2019 (Dhruva 2K19: Day-1)



Event Description

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology has predominantly changed how our world is analyzed and modeled. Be it small businesses, multinational companies, agriculture-based companies, educational institutions, or maps guiding a lost individual- GIS finds application in many areas. The rapid growth rate of data poses the huge challenge to its interpretation. GIS provides an easy and more efficient way to interpret geospatial data – to create a topographic map with elevation, angles and other features.


This workshop exposes the participants to the concepts and applications of GIS in use for multiple disciplines.
To expose the participants to different types of GIS projects carried out in present day industry.
To learn the process of presenting spatial information.
To learn to create, use and share maps of different projections.

Association Partners

SAT Land Survey Institute
Indian Concrete Institute
Indian Geotechnical Society

Resource Person From

M/s, SAT Land Survey Institute, Coimbatore.