Workshops will be held on 14th March 2019 (Dhruva 2K19: Day-1)


Social Networks and its Applications


The Social Networks are distributed across computer networks. It inherently link people, organization, knowledge, and establish interconnected online communities.
Social Network analysis determines social structures among the connected nodes, and this analysis can be useful in various fields like marketing, crime detection,etc.

Topics Covered

Social Networks evolution and growth mechanism.
Role of Ontologies in Social Networks.
Community detection in Social Networks.
Security, privacy and trust analysis in Social Networks.
Mapping social dynamics on Facebook.
Applications of Social Networks.

Faculty Coordinator

Ms K.Oviya (AP/IT) - 8220252755

Student Coordinator

Nilafer sahana - 8940474057
Sripriyanka - 9677970091
Sowmiya - 8220648963