Workshops will be held on 14th March 2019 (Dhruva 2K19: Day-1)


NATIONAL LEVEL WORKSHOP ON Cryptography and Network Security

Event Description

The aim of the workshop is to discuss about the evolution of Cryptography, its applications and the various algorthims used in the art of protecting informations, which is a key technology for achieving information security in communications, computer systems, electronic commerce, and more generally, in the emerging information society. This workshop will provide them the basic understanding of Cryptography & Security in network. Participant will learn the algorithm used for transforming information & other technologies used.

Topics to be covered

1. Introduction.

2. Evolution of Cryptography.

3. Symmetric Cryptographic algorithms.

4. Asymmetric Cryptographic algorithms.

5. Key exchange Methodologies.

6. Applications.

Workshop Overall coordinator

Ms Subathra devi: 9514983007

Faculty Coordinator

Mr.C.Arul Murugan: 8122107125

Ms.P.Divyabharathi: 9080394806

Student Coordinator for this workshop

P.S.Geetha Gowri: 9488345672

Thirumalaisamy: 9677855249