Workshops will be held on 14th March 2019 (Dhruva 2K19: Day-1)


E-MOBILITY(Innovation driven Electric vehicle for Green Energy)


• The objective of the workshop is introducing the concept and development of innovative electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle for the green energy environment to the participants.
• Electric Vehicles release no air pollutants at the place where they are operated. They also typically generate less noise pollution than an internal combustion engine vehicle, whether at rest or in motion.
• The energy that electric and hybrid cars consume is usually generated by means that have environmental impacts.
• Many governments offer incentives to promote the use of electric vehicles, with the goals of reducing air pollution and oil consumption.
• Some incentives intend to increase purchases of electric vehicles by offsetting the purchase price with a grant.


• The participants of the workshop able to know the details of the various types of Electric vehicle, Hybrid vehicle, battery, energy efficiency and future of the electric vehicles for the green energy environment.

Faculty Coordinator

Dr.G.Venkatesan - 9003109444
Mr. A. Nagarajan - 9597832012

Student Coordinator

Mr.S.Yuvaraj - 9688695923
Ms.SreeManasa - 7010404305
Ms.S.Abinaya - 9715402569