Workshops will be held on 14th March 2019 (Dhruva 2K19: Day-1)


Automation and Monitoring of Hydroponically Growing Plants Using IoT


• To produce nutritious vegetables in higher amount within limited time, (Not following the convention procedure).
• To develop plantations under constrains (temperature, humidity, water flow-level in plant medium, P level of water, nutrient solution)
• Different varieties of plantations can be grown, irrespective of the climatic conditions in the green house
• No fertilizers are utilized in this method, since it is soil less farming.(Indirect it avoid soil-borne diseases)
• Little maintenance required, this can be made easier through “AUTOMATION”
• Automation is done through “RASBERY PI”,”ARDUINO” modules.
• Data collected from the farm are processed in the cloud computing or main server using “INTERNET OF THINGS” (IoT).
• Automation data are updated to the user through “WEB APPLICATION”.
• MART ENERGY METER” is installed to measure consumption of the green house.
• Also it helps Determining the efficient way of utilization of energy.


• By this method, we can utilize lesser space(land) compared to conventional methods
• Consumption of water is less (10% compared to conventional method)
• This method provides higher yield (nutritious, less manpower).

Faculty Coordinator

Dr.Meenu D Nair - 8157896328
Ms.S.Sanjitha - 9500512278

Student Coordinator

Girinath S - 8760538471
Serrafine Silviya J - 7708997420