Workshops will be held on 14th March 2019 (Dhruva 2K19: Day-1)


Design and Fabrication of Solar Panels Tree Power Generation


• To study the solar technology that imitates how the trees convert the sunlight into electrical energy.
• To design structure of the solar panels tree power generation. It includes the Shrubs, plants and trees use an inbuilt structural design to representation their leaves, height dense to sunlight for photosynthesis.
• To increase the efficiency of designed solar tree power generation with help of the “SPIRALLING PHYLLATAXY” technique.
• To give design steps of solar tree power generation prototype model. In addition, the designed model is applied to street light, house supply and industrial power supply.
• To apply the FIBONACCI SEQUENCE in Solar Tree.
Fibonacci series: 0 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34………
On the almond tree, the Fibonacci fraction is 5/13, which means that the spiral takes five branches to spiral two times around the trunk to complete one pattern.


• To produce the maximum energy with minimum land.
• No shading of PV panels.
• To produce the energy during normal rainy season because the panels are radiation based German make.

Faculty Coordinator

Dr.K.Ramash Kumar - 8072262692
Mr. G. Suresh Kumaar - 9790660821

Student Coordinator

Mr. G. Krishna Swamy - 7530090568
Ms. A. Janani - 9894528985